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Products GreenPower

Designed for the production of high-quality charcoal from carbon-containing materials of plant origin by low-temperature pyrolysis.
The technology allows to process various types of raw materials: wood, fuel briquettes, fruit pits, agricultural waste and various nutshells.

Designed for the disposal of worn-out tyres, plastic, textile, medical, quarantine and other hazardous waste at the place of their origin, thereby eliminating the need for their daily removal to disposal sites.
As a result of processing, it is possible to obtain thermal, electrical energy, liquid hydrocarbons, solid carbon residue, combustible gas, etc.

In addition to the equipment for the charcoal production, GreenPower Company also offers the final consumer product itself – lump wood and shisha charcoal and activated carbon with high physicochemical indicators.
Those products are made exclusively with the help of environmentally friendly equipment and have the highest quality characteristics.


Launch of CK-1 EKKO kilns in Orlando, USA

Recently, at the beginning of September 2019, our specialist from the service department have launched two units of our charcoal production equipment in Orlando, USA.

Product Benefits GreenPower

No emissions during operation

Compactness and mobility of equipment

High performance (up to 60 tons of charcoal per month)

Full mechanization and automation of the operation process

The use of modern materials – reliable design

The number of dropouts does not exceed 1%

Quality and guarantees – confirmed by 18 years of experience in the market

Mobile equipment Mobile equipment Mobile equipment

About Us

GreenPower TM is an international Company of bioenergy industry, which specializes in the following processes: gasification, pyrolysis and activation. Since 2001, GreenPower has been developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly charcoal kilns and other equipment for processing waste of plant origin, industrial and municipal solid waste. The Company produces the following types of equipment: charcoal kilns, equipment for the Pini-kay briquettes production, equipment for gas purification, for processing tires, waste of industrial rubber and polymers, as well as for thermocatalytic neutralization of hazardous and solid household waste.

We pay great attention to the development of technology and are keeping up to date, constantly improving our products in accordance with world requirements.
GreenPower TM has already successfully declared itself in different parts of the world and every year we continue to expand our sales geography!

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