GreenPower – does not “kill” trees, but saves them

95% of all charcoal in the world is not produced in an environmentally friendly way. Hundreds of thousands of tons of emissions every day. The annual volume of charcoal is more than 50,000,000 tons. 1 ton of coal entails 4 tons of waste. In total, 548,000 tons of waste is turned out into the atmosphere per day. And these are acids, formaldehydes, resins, which fall in the form of downfall into the soil from which we have harvest every year. This figure is so huge that if you imagine it visually, it will turn out that every minute 380 tons of harmful substances enter the environment, which is 6 railway tanks.


Green Power has been producing environmentally friendly charcoal kilns since 2008. Low energy consumption, complete autonomy of the kiln, obtaining thermal energy. Fuel is needed only to start the furnace, it takes about 1 hour. To remove steam (during drying) and emitted gas (during annealing) into a special combustion chamber, gas and steam channels are provided. In the firebox and afterburner the pyrolysis gas is completely burned, which ensures absolute environmental safety at all stages of the process. The flue gases leaving the furnace are fed through the gas channel to the afterburner, where they are completely burned. The design of the afterburner ensures the environmental friendliness of the installation and the absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Green Power kilns can be operated in an urban environment, as there are no harmful emissions.

The company’s concept is the use of substandard raw materials and woodworking waste. The kilns are designed specifically for illiquid raw materials. GreenPower offers equipment for the charcoal production from all the types of raw materials of plant origin – from lump wood and Pini-Kay briquettes to various small fraction wastes like nutshells, solid biofuel – biomass, fuel pellets and briquettes from various types waste for example – choose the most suitable personally raw material to you. Therefore, we do not kill trees, we contribute to their preservation! In 2008, the first kiln was launched to produce charcoal without harming the environment.

Firewood is used only at the initial stage for ignition, then the raw material is carbonized on pyrolysis gas, which is released during the carbonization process and ensures the entire process.

The latest developments, thanks to 20 years of experience of our specialists, allow us to obtain raw materials without harmful emissions into the environment and fully use raw materials, including fines, with practically no screening. So it is possible to use a wide range of raw materials for the production of charcoal in our kilns.