Supply of charcoal kilns EKKO-2, Java Island, Indonesia

In early April 2021, two EKKO-2 charcoal kilns with preliminary drying system were delivered to Java, Indonesia.
The first delivery to the customer was made according to the contract and the shipping schedule.
A commissioning team of specialists will soon arrive at production to start up the furnaces and train personnel.

It is planned to use this equipment to carbonize woodworking waste, since the main activity of our customer is furniture production and parquet production. Pre-drying is necessary to eliminate excess moisture, it will speed up the pyrolysis process itself and increase the productivity of the process.

So GreenPower charcoal kilns provide an excellent opportunity to get additional income from production waste without harming the environment, given the environmental friendliness of the equipment and the complete absence of harmful emissions.

Waste from wood processing will now be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, bringing profit to the manufacturer.
At the moment, 4 charcoal kilns EKKO-2 have been ordered to process the entire amount of sawn timber waste. We wish our client productive work!

Despite the difficult situation that is currently in the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic, GreenPower is operating as before, fulfilling all orders of our customers within the previously agreed time frame.

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