Launch of the charcoal kiln complex in Indonesia

In October 2019, 9 units of charcoal kiln were launched for a major project in Indonesia. Earlier, in 2018, the Client has already installed and launched two units of the CK-4 EURO charcoal kiln. This year, it was decided to expand production, as our equipment proved itself well, and several more units were ordered. The production site, equipped exclusively for the GreenPower equipment, was enlarged with 6 more charcoal kilns of the CK-4 EURO-S model and the last modification – CK EKKO-2 – in the amount of 3 units. Photos of the working site are presented below.

The Client used Merbau wood and Pini-kay briquettes as raw materials. As for wood, it is freshly-cut, and therefore has a high content of moisture (40-60%). Based on this, it was decided to install the additional element – Preliminary dryer, which allowed to remove excess moisture. As a result of its use the operating cycle was shortened and the quality of the products obtained was improved. The photo below shows the raw materials and obtained charcoal.

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