Charcoal kiln – pyrolysis installation EKKO-4

Designed for low-temperature pyrolysis of carbon containing materials (of plant origin) in order to obtain high-quality charcoal and heat energy.


The high level of efficiency of CK EKKO-4 is achieved by using modern heat-resistant insulating materials for the walls of the drying/pyrolysis chambers and the furnace, which gives the opportunity to quickly start the operating mode and significantly reduce the production cycle. The kiln is unique due to the absence of “thermal ballast” materials, such as sheet metal and refractory bricks, which are the basis of almost all charcoal kilns. In addition, high efficiency is achieved by using "chamber steam", i.e. carrying out drying processes of raw materials, due to the "excess heat" released in the process of pyrolysis.

Reliability and maintainability of CK EKKO-4 is determined by experience of GreenPower (since 2001) in manufacturing charcoal kilns, which helped to develop a maximally reliable and maintainable construction with a minimum service life of 10 years.

Mechanization and automation of CK EKKO-4 is achieved due to the fact that the kiln is equipped with a modern reliable and time-tested system of control and measuring device. Automation of the operational process is also provided as well as emergency modes in case of non-compliance with operating

Main advantages of the kiln:

      • LOW PRICE - high quality and productivity;
      • LOW WEIGHT < 6 tons;
      • AUTOMATION of process management - easy and safe operation;
      • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION < 0,1 kW/kiln;
      • PREMIUM - Charcoal holds the shape of the raw material, dust percentage is less than 1%;
      • THERMAL ENERGY is also possible to be obtained;
      • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS - absence of harmful emissions during operation;
      • COMMISSIONING WORKS are free – Launch of the equipment and staff training;
      • LOW DELIVERY PRICE. Possibility to transport two kilns in one transportation unit;
      • CENTRALIZATION – It is possible to arrange central control of the kiln complex;
      • RELIABILITY – The kiln construction is maintainable and safe;
      • QUICK LAUNCH – The kiln is delivered practically fully assembled, while the launch takes one day;
      • COMPACT SIZE - High productivity at minimum dimensions;
      • REMOTE CONTROL – Operating data are transferred from the kiln to the server.

Raw materials

The technology allows to use various raw materials for pyrolysis:

  • Wood (firewood, lump wood waste of logging and woodworking industries of soft- and hardwood breeds)
  • Fuel briquettes (Pini-Kay, ruff, nestro, Nielsen)
  • Fruit pips (olive pits, grape seeds, etc.)
  • Agricultural waste (straw, reed, etc.)
  • Various nutshells (coconut, hazelnut, walnut, cashew, etc.)

Technical description

Description of the kiln

The charcoal kiln consists of 4 chambers connected to the furnace, afterburner and the chimney with deflector. The kiln includes 8 trolleys and the logistics elements for the working site: platforms for moving the trolleys, trestles for loading raw material and unloading charcoal and an electric winch for moving trolleys and platforms. The chambers can be operated in the “DRYING” and “PYROLYSIS” modes. Each chamber contains 1 trolley and has a loading hatch for loading/ unloading the trolleys. The chambers are equipped with gas channels that are used to release steam emitted during the drying of raw material, and gas emitted into the furnace during the process of pyrolysis, which ensures the maintenance of the drying and pyrolysis processes. Complete combustion of the pyrolysis gas, with the help of furnace and afterburner ensures environmental safety of the process. The process of the kiln control is automated, which provides high quality of the charcoal and minimum human factor. There is also a permanent record of the main operating parameters is held, which allows to conduct analysis of the kiln operation.

Dimensions of the kiln

Main parameters of the CK “EKKO”

Name of the parameter Unit of measure EKKO-2EKKO-4
Productivity: on wood* / on briquettest/month25-40 / 5040-70 / 100
Power consumption, no more than**kW/hour0,1
Maintenance staff for 1-3 kilnsppl1-3
Firewood consumption of the furnace, no more than*m3/day0,3
Duration of the complete cyclehours10-24

* The value depends on: moisture content, age and wood breed; size of the piece; season;
** Excluding auxiliary mechanisms that ensure the process: preparation of raw materials, winch, etc.

Main elements of the kiln

      1. Furnace
      2. Afterburner
      3. Connection with the damper
      4. Chimney with a deflector
      5. Drying/pyrolysis chamber
      6. Control chamber
      7. Control panel with Touch Screen


Screen «Touchscreen» the kiln operation is controlled by a modern screen that provides user with wide possibilities: automatic mode, process of visualization, etc.

Mechanical buttons, “Main buttons” are provided on the Control Panel for manual control and Kiln stop.

Internal memory and recording into server. It is possible to record data into internal memory and transfer data to the server by means of connecting the shield to the Internet.

Remote and Local Control, using this function, the kiln control can be carried out directly on the kiln and remotely using a stationary PC, so it is possible to control the complex of kilns.

Automatic control or Manual control, operation process control can be carried out both in “Manual” and in “Auto” modes, this function is very important when achieving maximum production parameters.


      1. CK EKKO-4
      2. Trolley
      3. Mobile platform for trolley
      4. Stationary trestle for trolley
      5. Portable trestle
      6. Rails for a mobile platform
      7. Electric or manual winch
      8. Baskets for trolley

Kiln delivery set

      1. Assembled CK EKKO-4
      2. Control panel
      3. Control and measuring devices
      4. Adjustable portable rails
      5. Afterburner
      6. Afterburner
      7. Deflector
      8. Damper actuator
      9. Furnace rake
      10. Ash-box

Why do customers choose us?

  • No emissions during operation
  • Compactness and mobility of equipment
  • High performance (up to 60 tons of charcoal per month)
  • Full mechanization and automation of the operational process
  • The use of modern materials - reliable design
  • The number of screenings does not exceed 1%
  • Quality and guarantees - confirmed by
    18 years of experience on the market
  • Mobile equipment

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