Excursion to GreenPower production by a representative from African country

More and more people are acquainting with our modern charcoal kilns in aim to know detailed information and clarify the principle of their work.
Recently, October 20-24, a guest from African country, his representative, visited us with a study visit. The African country government is ready to consider a profitable wood processing project. What is interesting and relevant is that in this country a lot of wood is specially grown on land allocated for plantations. Forests cannot be cut down. A guest from African country is currently doing the research of the charcoal market and has already visited Indonesia and China, now in plans visit Brazil and Turkey.

Specially for a guest from African country was organized an excursion to our factory, where he could get to know our manufacture and acquaint with technological advantages of our kilns, the latest developments and improvements. Our guest was also familiarized with the technological process in detail, by visiting the already operating production of our clients for the charcoal production in Novaya Vodolaga and Chuguev, where he took some charcoal as a sample and for analysis.

Our guest was undeniably impressed with our equipment, which, thanks to the latest modifications, is unique at the market for quality and price.

The main points that he highlighted among all the features of charcoal kilns are:
• the ability to control the carbon content in the resulting charcoal;
• complete absence of emissions in the process of production, which is also interesting for the government for the well-being of its country;
• the possibility of remote control of the technological process.

The trip was also useful in terms of obtaining additional information about industrial microwave ovens, in which, under the influence of microwave energy and infrared radiation, it is possible to process fruits and other raw materials quickly and energy efficiently to obtain snacks while preserving all the micronutrients and taste of a natural product, or to dry wood, thus preparing it for sale to the final consumer.

Our guest was also interested in our modernized continuous BIO-KILN, which produces from 30 to 120 tons of charcoal per month, depending on the raw material and kiln model. The fact is that, thanks to the hot climate, African country is rich in tropical fruits, including coconut, the shells of which can be carbonized in BIO-KILN to obtain coal, and the pulp can be dehydrated in the microwave and set up to produce delicious snacks.

Our guest is looking forward to provide a project for the production of charcoal using our equipment – the next generation charcoal kilns – EKKO-2.
We wish our guest success and waiting for a positive result from his trip.

For us, African country representative is a good example of achieving our goals.

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