Do you know how the properties of charcoal in cooking affect BBQ?

The main parameters of charcoal are content carbon, volatile carbon, ash and moisture, they are expressed as a percentage of each other. The content carbon (Cfix) and volatile carbon (volatile) are interconnected, the more one – the less the other. Ash is what is left after burning charcoal, while moisture is the water that charcoal normally takes from the atmosphere. It is content carbon that is the main active ingredient in charcoal, its percentage composition determines the properties of charcoal during combustion. For example, the higher the carbon content, the more difficult it is to ignite the charcoal and the longer the burning time of the charcoal. The lower the carbon content, the more flames we will see when burning charcoal. It is unlikely that anyone cooks BBQ on fire, in fact, “red charcoals without flames” are used for cooking, while we wait “when the flames disappear”, and then we start cooking. Summing up, we can say that for home cooking it is better to use charcoal with a Cfix content of < 80% (72-76%) – it is much easier and faster to start with cooking. For professionals who use the barbecue for more than 4 hours a day, it would be much better to use charcoal with a high content carbon > 85%, which will significantly prolong the burning of charcoal and, when adding a new portion of charcoal, will not give a flame, which will save time. Thanks to an extensive customer base, GreenPower will tell you where and what kind of charcoal it is possible to buy.

Have fun and enjoy your BBQ