A distinctive feature of GreenPower charcoal ovens is their competitive advantage

BIO-Kiln Continuous Carbon Pyrolizer

The BIO-KILN shaft kiln is a patented, environmentally friendly, continuous installation for the thermal processing of plant materials, namely for the production of high-quality charcoal.

  1. Environmental friendliness – 100%
    1. The volume of the furnace matches the volume of gas evolution
    2. The afterburner will provide 100% environmental safety in case of excessive gas emission
  2. Quick and easy installation / disassembly – 1-2 days
  3. Maximum automation and mechanization of processes
    1. Manual input limited to loading raw materials and unloading cooled char
    2. Human error eliminated
  4. Complete control of furnace production processes
    1. Remote control (server)
    2. Control using ACS
  5. Performance stability
    1. Stable content of non-volatile carbon (from 80 to 94%)
    2. Stable amount of coal produced per unit time
    3. Stability of quantitative and qualitative indicators
  6. 100% reliability (maintainability)
  7. Compatibility with other manufacturing processes
    1. The ability to integrate related processes (drying, briquetting)
  8. Excess heat can be used for other purposes
  9. It is possible to use a furnace for various types of bulk materials:
    1. Shells of all types of nuts
    2. Fruit tree pits
    3. Wood chips
    4. Energy wood
    5. Pellet
    6. Cones
    7. Non-traditional species
    8. Small briquettes
    9. Low-energy potential minerals (sub-coal, peat)
  10. Low power consumption (less than 60 watts, not including mechanization)

ЕККО-2 charcoal kiln

The EKKO-2 charcoal kiln is designed for low-temperature pyrolysis of carbonaceous materials of plant origin, to produce high-quality charcoal and thermal energy.

  1. High energy efficiency. The use of modern insulating materials that provide minimal energy loss. Example:
    1. When working on freshly sawn wood, the stove can work without additional energy
    2. Exit to the mode within 40 minutes
  2. Process control automation
    1. Virtually all control is done without requiring human input
  3. Production control
  4. Efficiency of mounting / dismantling
    1. 6 hours to assemble
  5. Quick start-stop
  6. 100% reliability and maintainability
    1. Reliability is provided by automation
    2. Maintainability by simple construction
    3. All this makes it possible to 100% fulfill warranty obligations
  7. The ability to change the parameters of the furnace for raw materials of the customer
  8. Low weight of the furnace (about 4 tons. (Analogues – 14-15 tons)). This is achieved thanks to modern insulation material resistant to temperatures above 1300 0C
  9. Minimum power consumption – 0.4 kW (if necessary, you can reduce it to 0.2 kW).
  10. High yield of commodity coal (screening up to 1%, provision of automation)
  11. Decent working conditions for staff
  12. No additional equipment is needed to ensure the process (crane-beams, hoisting-and-transport mechanisms) which manufacturers are silent about. No hidden costs. No need for add. drying
  13. Production and kiln performance can be monitored and managed by the manufacturer.

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