Sales launch of the NEW model of the charcoal kiln EKKO-2

Since the beginning of December 2018, our company has been testing a new charcoal kiln EKKO-2, which was implemented on the basis of the “old” CK-1 EKKO in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

The main idea of ​​changing the design of the charcoal kiln CK-1 “EKKO” is to reject the circular circulation of the coolant, as in the EURO kilns (furnace – the pyrolysis chamber – the drying chamber – chimney) on each camera separately.  It also allows you to significantly reduce the cycle time and increase the kiln output by 50%, in addition, on the basis of CK-1 EKKO.  When using preliminary contact drying, it is possible to raise productivity by another 50%.  Accordingly, with the implementation of both systems, it actually appears to double the performance of CK-1 EKKO.

The estimated capacity of EKKO-2 is:

  • For “fresh” wood 30 t / month, without the use of contact drying
  • When using “dry raw materials” or taking into account the use of preliminary “contact drying” – up to 50 tons / month.

The new control panel, implemented using the LCD display and other modern components, which provide “great” opportunities for the implementation of the ACS, for example, in the near future there will be software updates:

  • Software that allows you to completely abandon the “operator of the kiln”, replacing it with the “electronic version”.
  • Software that allows you to remotely monitor and control the complex of kilns
  • Software with “intellectual memory” about the performance of the kiln and factors that affect it

This is just a short list of features of the new control panel, all updates for UW will be implemented via the Internet.

Detailed description of control panel

Preliminary contact drying.  This “new element” of the kiln is actually able to double the productivity of the kiln.  This effect is achieved by pre-contact drying of raw materials in the trolleys, which is implemented in a separate chamber outside the furnace; the heat carrier is flue gases leaving the chimney.  The high effect is achieved – by direct – direct contact of flue gases and raw materials for pyrolysis.

Read more information about contact drying

 Detailed description of the charcoal kiln EKKO-2

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