PYROLYSIS advantage over other technologies

1. Pyrolysis has strategic advantages against the background of classical waste incineration – and these advantages are manifested both for an entrepreneur and for an ordinary citizen. The main factor is that combustion products do not enter the environment, therefore, there is no pollution of nature and no harm to the health of people and animals.

Landfills are a serious source of pollution of soil, groundwater and the atmosphere with toxic chemicals, highly toxic heavy metals, landfill gases, and when litter is ignited – dioxins, furans and biphenyls. In this case, the permissible concentrations of hazardous substances can be exceeded by a factor of 1000 or more.

2. Pyrolysis enables high-quality processing of municipal solid waste – most often it is the most problematic waste in terms of disposal, such as car tires. Thus, in the pyrolysis process, problematic waste, which has a high potential for hazard to the environment, It is used.

Pyrolysis allows you to process a huge amount of waste groups, this is rubber, and plastic, and chemical solutions.

3.  Pyrolysis is practically waste-free. It creates a cyclical mechanism for processing solid

 household waste. There are no biologically active residues that are harmful to the environment. At the end of the process, we have products, the composition of which depends on the raw materials used and the type of pyrolysis, respectively, we can control this and get exactly what we need at the output. At the same time, the pyrolysis technology requires relatively low equipment power, and the resulting products are very moderate in terms of transportation and storage costs.

The Ukrainian company GreenPower manufactures pyrolysis ovens that allow you to recycle waste without harming the environment. With their help, you will not only receive additional profit, but also save our planet.

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