Launch of three charcoal kilns СК-4 “EURO” in Indonesia

GreenPower is pleased to inform you that in November 2018 its products were commissioned in Indonesia.  The company’s specialists launched three kilns of the CK-4 EURO series in Indonesia: two of them near Papua New Guinea and the third one located near Jakarta. The operation process also includes staff training and maintenance of the first cycles of the kilns.

Charcoal kilns CK-4 EKKO near Papua New Guinea

Charcoal kilns launched near Jakarta.

Merbau wood with a humidity of 50-75% and a density of 800-850 kg / m3 was used as a raw material for production. Photos of the obtained charcoal are presented below.

GreenPower Company thanks Customers for the cooperation and expresses confidence in the smooth operation of the equipment they purchased for a long time.

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