Launch of the Charcoal kiln EKKO-2 in the city Vologda, Russian Federation

In mid-February 2020, an EKKO-2 model was launched in the city of Vologda, Russian Federation. The customer shared photos from the production site, which was specially equipped with all the necessary auxiliary equipment for easy operation of the furnace.

The raw materials for carbonization were birch and aspen, which had lain in the open air for about six months. To reduce the percentage of moisture in the wood, a preliminary drying system was installed at the site. By reducing the moisture content, it reduces the operating cycle of the kiln. Charcoal obtained in the process of carbonization is distinguished by its brilliance, preservation of the original structure, and the absence of cracks. This signifies a high content of non-volatile carbon in the product. You can see a photo of the finished coal below.

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