Launch of 3 units of EKKO-2 charcoal kilns in Zhitomir, Ukraine

At the end of April 2021, 3 units of the EKKO-2 carbinization furnace were shipped to the Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

At this stage, the installation and installation of equipment is carried out under the guidance of a GreenPower service specialist.
Employees undergo training and mandatory testing at the end of training.
The customer will use hardwoods such as oak, hornbeam and beech as raw materials for carbonization. Humidity from 35 to more than 60%.

To reduce the duration of the production cycle, given the high moisture content of the feedstock, and to improve the quality of the resulting charcoal, the customer additionally purchased a preliminary drying of our products.
Wood enters the kilns for carbonization only after a preliminary drying cycle.

Considering the high quality of the equipment, the customer is committed to long-term cooperation with our company!

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