Selecting Briquette Press Equipment

Good equipment is one of the most important requirements for successful work and the output of top quality products. Good equipment which is used and maintained correctly will work reliably for many years. Good equipment provides a high level of confidence, convenience and, of course, safety.

The concept of good equipment often makes us think of “European quality”, especially in regard to white goods. We prefer to choose European brands of domestic appliances, selecting washing machines, refrigerators and other such items which have been built in Europe. We think similarly about our transport. We aspire to drive European marques of motor-car. They provide us with longevity, safety and pride of ownership.


Should we not apply these values to industrial or processing equipment?

After all, this is what we depend upon, to pay for our domestic comforts and our lovely vehicles! For example, equipment for woodworking. One such example is the briquetting press. The briquetting of waste from the woodworking industry has become widespread in many countries of the world. This addition to the process creates an alternative energy source without pollution. Waste from such productions is a good raw material for further briquettes production.

The best-reputed European manufacturers of such machines in Europe are based in Denmark and Germany. C.F. Nielsen (Denmark) produces mechanical impact presses and is a world leader. The disadvantages of C.F. Nielsen products are simple but significant – a higher price than other manufacturers, and a higher energy input.

GreenPower llc, a Ukrainian manufacturer, is proud to offer its screw-press line for production of Pini-Kay type briquettes. We offer European quality levels, at a much lower purchase and operational cost!

You can get acquainted with our equipment here.