Drying equipment from GreenPower Company

Dry raw material is a fundamental condition for the production of high-quality charcoal or briquettes.

GreenPower offers its Customers who deals with the raw materials with high moister content two types of dryers:

  1. Preliminary dryer is used to quickly and efficiently remove moisture from wood, and is an additional part of the EKKO-2 charcoal kiln complex.
  2. Drum dryer is used for drying wood chips, sawdust and other small-fraction raw materials. It can be a part of the complex briquetting line or can also work in a complex with the charcoal kiln Bio-kiln.

The main advantages of our drying equipment are:

– versatility;

– uniform heating;

– easy installation;

– high performance;

– reliable operation and low power consumption.

More information about the pre-drying can be found: https://greenpower.equipment/produkciya/preliminary-dryer-for-the-charcoal-kilns-of-ekko-model/

More information about the drum dryer can be found: https://greenpower.equipment/produkciya/drum-dryer/