Wildfire. What to do???

The forest is one of the most important components of our ecosystem. Currently, humanity is consumerist about the generous gifts of forests that the planet has been growing for hundreds of years. But enought is enought, and now we are watching bushfires all over the world. The forest is not just a place where are a lot of trees, but a complex ecosystem with plants, animals, fungi, microorganisms that affect the climate, the purity of drinking water and air.

Burning forests leads to air pollution with carbon monoxide. This is detrimental to the process of creating the greenhouse effect on Earth. Greenpower Company sets itself tasks aimed at preserving the ecology of forests in different parts of our planet. We do our best to reduce waste from burned-out forests and restore them. Our company GreenPower has developed a unique technology. We recycle wood after a fire and make high-quality biochar from it. Organic fertilizer Biochar, obtained as a result of low-temperature pyrolysis, contains carbon in its composition, which is easily absorbed by plant roots.

Biochar’s reference quality is produced by carbonation in GreenPower carbonization furnace. More than 20 years of experience of our company will help to find an effective solution to the problem of burnt forest.

The fields of application of biochar are very extensive. These are: bioenergy, agriculture, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. It can be used for the manufacture of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, for the production of heat and electrical energy, for the production of silicon, for the manufacture of all semiconductors – the basis of all electronics.

We use the processed burned wood (biochar) to grow new wood, and use its surplus for various industrial needs.

The Ukrainian company Greenpower is ready to help solve the consequences of forest fires with maximum benefit.

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