Why biochar can prevent global warming?

Biochar has tremendous potential to significantly increase agricultural productivity in poor soils and helps stem the effects of global warming.  Biochar also has an important advantage in reducing the carbon footprint of modern agriculture.  (according to the international survey UNSW)

Why don’t we use it?

 Stephen Joseph, visiting professor at the UNSW Science School of Materials Science and Engineering, says: “Biochar can draw down carbon from the atmosphere into the soil and store it for hundreds to thousands of years.”  This study also found that biochar helps build organic carbon in soil by up to 20 percent (average 3.8 percent) and can reduce nitrous oxide emissions from soil by 12 to 50 percent, which increases the climate change mitigation benefits of biochar.»

“The intergovernmental panel found that globally, biochar could mitigate between 300 million to 660 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2050,” says Professor Joseph.

 Biochar is a special product resulting from low-temperature pyrolysis.  Raw materials are heated to temperatures no higher than 550 ° C, without the use of oxygen.  As a result, we obtain charcoal of various fractions and biochar, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase soil fertility.

“It found average crop yields increased from 10 to 42 percent, concentrations of heavy metals in plant tissue were reduced by 17 to 39 percent and phosphorous availability to plants increased too,” says Professor Joseph.

Biochar improves the root system of plants.  In the first three weeks – stimulates seed germination and seedling growth.  During the next six months, it improves the supply of plants with nutrients.  Protects organic matter from decomposition after 3-6 months.

 The Ukrainian company GreenPower produces ovens of world quality standard, the capabilities of which include the manufacture of biochar.  The furnaces operate on the basis of pyrolysis and they are environmentally friendly, they have a convenient automated control system and high reliability.  Green Power equipment receives prompt service support from our specialists.

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