Which companies benefit from Greeen Power equipment

GreenPower manufactures ovens for processing more than 200 types of various waste. Furnaces operate on the basis of heating raw materials to high temperatures with the exclusion of oxygen ingress – in science, this process is known as pyrolysis. In our articles, we often talk about what can act as raw materials for our furnaces, and what, depending on the raw materials, our customers receive at the exit of production. Today we decided to touch upon an equally important topic regarding enterprises that find it rational and profitable to purchase our equipment.

First of all, these are enterprises with a large volume of waste that can act as raw materials. These are car tires, rubber products, all kinds of plastic waste, scraps of fabric and a large list of carbon-containing waste. All of this waste can be efficiently recycled into beneficial end products.

At the same time, GreenPower equipment is beneficial to those enterprises that need soil fertilization (biochar production), as well as heavy oil fractions such as bitumen, fuel oil, diesel fractions. Or vice versa – for enterprises that need light oil fractions (for example, gasoline), solvent and kerosene fractions, diesel and alcohol fractions.

More specifically, we can say that these are enterprises operating liquid fuel burners, including enterprises that consume oil refined products (asphalt plants, chemical, metallurgical, glass-blowing enterprises, housing and communal services sector.).

By purchasing ovens from GreenPower, the company solves the problem of waste disposal, and at the same time provides itself with reserves of petroleum products. At the same time, all our clients not only create additional income for themselves, but also care about the environment, because our products are completely ecological and waste-free.

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