What products can be obtained using the “EKKO” carbonation plant of the Green Power company

For more than 20 years, GreenPower has been producing furnaces for the processing of various waste. Our furnaces operate on the basis of pyrolysis, this is the process of heating raw materials to high temperatures, without the participation of oxygen. You can read more about this process in previous articles, on our social networks, as well as on our website.

GreenPower ovens are suitable for over 200 types of waste. And all this waste can not only be disposed of, but a profit can be made from it. Using the example of the “EKKO” carbonation plant, let us consider what products we can get as a result.

The result is similar to boiler fuel for burning in furnaces for the purpose of generating heat and electricity. It is possible to separate into fractions and use them as raw materials for deeper processing to obtain motor fuel. The composition of liquid fuel fractions is determined by the type of processed raw materials.

The “EKKO” carbonation furnace was invented and manufactured by the specialists of the “GreenPower” company. 20 years of experience with this technology has made it possible to manufacture equipment of the world quality standard, which is harmless to the environment. In case of any questions, our managers will always be happy to advise you and help you choose the one that suits you best.

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