We can still make it up!

Forests continue to burn in any places on our planet. Woe… .but what to do next? After all, something needs to be done on the territories where the forest used to grow.

Our experts have found a solution to this problem. Today, more than ever, the search for alternative solutions is popular. One of the technologies that is currently being actively developed by Greenpower is the torrefaction of biomass (the remains of a burnt forest) – as a method of producing biofertilizer or biochar. Torrefied biomass is completely environmentally friendly and, which is very important, a naturally renewable product, is not prone to spontaneous combustion, so there are quite a few ways to use it.

A wide variety of different technological methods of torrefaction currently exist or are under development. However, it should be recognized that so far this biomass processing process has not received widespread commercial use in the world. This is largely due to the imperfection of existing technological processes, including the resulting environmental problems.

There are few stable operating enterprises that are engaged in biomass torrefaction, all of them are still operating in a pilot mode. The Ukrainian company Greenpower has been studying the processes of pyrolysis and carbonization for more than 20 years and is ready to help all interested and caring people in solving the consequences of forest fires with maximum benefit.

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