Update of the automated control system for the carbonization furnace EKKO

During 2021, the ACS for the EKKO-2 carbonization furnace was being finalized. After testing the system at three enterprises in different parts of the world, GreenPower Chief Engineer Eduard Alekseenko, gave an opinion on the benefits of the updated system:

  1. Increased furnace performance
  2. Excludes the possibility of furnace failure
  3. ACS monitors the actions of the operator
  4. The furnace works more correctly
  5. It becomes possible to spend less time on the furnace
  6. The minimum number of exits of the furnace in emergency mode

  Here is a comparative analysis of the furnace operation graphs before the update – the first graph, and after the update – the second graph. As can be seen from the graphs, after the update, the furnace works more correctly.

A new level of automatic process control system for EKKO-2 furnaces, allows you to significantly increase productivity with a minimum number of personnel. Now there is no need to monitor the furnace during the carbonization process: the furnace is controlled fully automatically, including the changeover from drying to pyrolysis. The furnace reports what mode it is in and notifies the operator of the need to reboot the chamber. The furnace will go into emergency mode in case of failure of the main controls. It is now almost impossible to operate the furnace with an inoperative thermocouple or gate drive.

Each EKKO-2 can be updated to the latest version. If you are interested in this update, please contact the GreenPower manager.

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