The latest Update Modification: Control instrumentation for EKKO series kilns

We present a new, improved instrumentation (Automated Control System) for the EKKO series of charcoal kilns.

The new device has a convenient Touchscreen. Screen size – 10 inches. The device has a built-in memory, and the ability to write to FlashCard. There are also mechanical control buttons. The device can be controlled locally or remotely via network, in either manual and automatic mode.

All processes are visualized. You can monitor the movement of the heat transfer gases and the products evolved during the drying / pyrolysis process. The instrument displays the temperature sensor readings, the status of the controls, and an event log. Temperature readings are analyzed and displayed as graphs based on thermocouple outputs.

This upgraded instrumentation makes it possible to eliminate the occurrence of any process faults during operation of EKKO series kilns, due to the maximum automation of most of the technical processes occurring in the furnace.

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