SOS !!! Biochar is a solution to the problem of burnt forests.

Our home planet is already tired of appealing to the minds of its inhabitants – humanity. We stubbornly refuse to hear it. It began to threaten. Forests are burning all over the planet. One of the reasons for the appearance of hot spots is abnormal weather conditions. Namely, strong wind and record heat. The second reason is arson. The number of active wildfire in several provinces of Algeria has reached 86. And the area of the largest bushfire in Yakutia exceeds 1.5 million hectares.

For almost two weeks, wildfires have been raging in Turkey, the forests of Italy, Greece, Croatia and Bosnia are burning. Last year, the taiga, the forests of Brazil, and lastly Australia were on fire! Why? How? After all, the forest is not only about paper, furniture and construction. These are the lungs of the planet.

Moreover, forests perform a protective function. For example, last year a forest burned in the Ukrainian Chernobyl zone, and in fact it protected the inhabitants of Ukraine and the near and far abroad from the effects of harmful radiation. It was a natural defense against the spread of radioactive dust. The forest has burned down and now this dust flies in any direction.

The burnt forest is a real problem at the moment. We, as inhabitants of this planet, are obliged to utilize the forest after the fire. However, using the technological processes of carbonization and pyrolysis, developed by the Ukrainian company Greenpower, it becomes possible to process burned wood into biochar. Biochar is a carbon-rich solid that has existed in soil for thousands of years. Fields of application: bioenergy, agriculture, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Wood utilization after a fire allows not only to return the forest to its previous green appearance, but also to improve the fertility of soils in other territories.

Biochar is a widely used product. It can be used both for the manufacture of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, for the production of heat and electrical energy, for the production of silicon, which is used for the manufacture of all semiconductors, which are the basis of all electronics. Biochar is an organic, environmentally friendly fertilizer. We recycle the burnt wood into biochar. With the help of biochar we fertilize the soil and grow a new forest. We use its excess for various industrial needs, as well as for increasing soil fertility.

Organic fertilizer Biochar, obtained as a result of low-temperature pyrolysis, contains carbon in its composition, which is easily absorbed by plant roots. Moreover, biochar helps to reduce the content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Our company GreenPower has developed a unique technology for the production of high-quality biochar from burned forest waste.

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