Pyrolysis. What is it?

For many people, the word “pyrolysis” causes misunderstanding and bewilderment.

Pyrolysis is a chemical reaction of the destruction of a substance, which is a consequence of exposure to high temperatures; during the ingress of oxygen, it will be accompanied by combustion. Sounds complicated enough. Let’s figure it out.

In fact, pyrolysis is translated as heating and decomposition or decay. But unlike combustion, oxygen does not take part in pyrolysis. Thus, under the influence of high temperatures, bonds in large molecules are broken, and molecules of a smaller size are formed. That is, pyrolysis is heating to high temperatures without the participation of oxygen, resulting in decomposition.

Depending on the decomposition process, pyrolysis can take place at different temperatures. In this case, the substances obtained at the end of the process will differ in their chemical composition.

There are three temperature conditions:

  • low-temperature, or semi-coking (up to 550 ° C)
  • medium temperature (550-800 ° C);
  • high temperature, or coking (above 800 ° C).

An important advantage of the process is the ability to use household waste, plastics, tires and other rubber products, wood waste as raw materials. In most cases, waste has no use, it is difficult to recycle and in fact they only pollute our planet, releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere. The limited resources of natural petroleum feedstocks underline the importance of using recycled resources with maximum efficiency for modern industry and the environment.

As a result of the process, you can get fertilizers for the soil, coal for barbecues or hookahs, torreficate, energy.

Description of the processing process

Raw materials are loaded into containers and placed in an oven, where they are heated by burners to the desired temperature. With the beginning of the pyrolysis reaction, the installation completely switches to autonomous supply of gas fuel. After the pyrolytic decomposition is complete, the end products are cooled. The cooling process is accelerated by superheated water vapor entering the tanks from the steam generators through the pipeline.

The Ukrainian company GreenPower produces pyrolysis ovens. These ovens allow you to recycle waste without harming the environment. With their help, you will not only get additional profit, but also save our planet.

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