More than 39 countries use Green Power kilns for the charcoal production

GreenPower has already been manufacturing the charcoal kilns for 18 years. So, for the last 10 years, about 300 kilns manufactured by GreenPower were sold to more than 39 countries all around the world.

Today, our charcoal kilns are ahead of many competitors in terms of not only productivity, but also environmental friendliness.

GreenPower charcoal kilns are suitable for carbonization of lump wood, coconut and various nutshells, fruit seeds and other waste of plant origin.

GreenPower pays great attention to the quality. Quality control is carried out at all production stages and when the equipment is transferred from one production site to another. The finished product is checked by the technical department, workshop manager, chief engineer, and after that by the sales department manager.

GreenPower is a cohesive team of like-minded people – we make the world cleaner and protect the Earth from the “immeasurable” human impact, by avoiding traditional energy sources and replacing outdated “dirty technologies” with modern ones – environmentally friendly technologies.

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