Launch of the new charcoal kilns in Malaysia!

Recently at the regular production of the charcoal in Malaysia two additional units of CK-1 EKKO charcoal kilns were launched. Earlier last year, we installed and launched there the charcoal kiln of the previous model – CK-4 EURO. After working some time with it, our Client decided to extend his production and ordered two more units of our latest models of the charcoal kilns.

As raw materials for the charcoal production freshly cut rubber tree is used, while the obtained charcoal is of the highest quality. The photos of both raw materials and charcoal from it you can see below.

We, from our side, ar e very grateful to our Clients for their trust to our Company and products. We look forward to the further cooperation between us.

If you have waste from wood processing and other processin of raw materials of plant origin, you can receive additional income from the production of charcoal and its sale too.

You can learn more about the equipment for the charcoal production here – – or send us a message and we will be glad to advise.

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