Launch of the continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN in Tula, Russian Federation

At the end of November 2019, the specialists of the GreenPower service department have launched the continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN in Tula, Russian Federation.

This model of the kiln is designed for thermal processing of raw materials of plant origin, and allows you to get 30-40 tons of finished charcoal per month.

The equipment was installed in a specially prepared premises to avoid the influence of weather conditions. Photos from the production site you can see below.

For the production of charcoal with a carbon content of more than 90%, the customer used walnut and hazelnut shells; the moisture content of raw materials varies between 10-15%, which fully complies with carbonization conditions. You can visually evaluate raw materials and obtained charcoal using the following photos.

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