The use of wood chips in the modern world

The work of the woodworking industry is inevitably associated with the formation of an enormous amount of waste, such as branches, twigs, various sawdust and trimmings, as well as shavings and chips.

Specially crushed wood – wood chips – is an extremely valuable raw material that can be used in various fields of activity. The quality of products obtained from wood chips directly depends on such parameters as size, shape, moisture content and wood species.


Where are wood chips mainly used?

In agriculture. We are talking about decorative and agrotechnical mulching.

In the production of wood concrete (wood concrete is a wood concrete with good thermal insulation properties, with a bearing capacity suitable for the construction of low-rise buildings)

For smoking meat, fish, cheeses, for infusing alcohol – in the food industry.

For the manufacture of crafts and various souvenirs.

For heating, when wood chips are used as fuel for special boilers and stoves.

Chips are crushed wood, and all the calorific value of the wood is retained in it. Therefore, wood chips can be used as fuel just like wood.

However, the features of combustion (and here there are already significant differences from wood!) Do not allow the use of wood chips in traditional heating devices – designed for burning solid fuel.

To use wood chips for heating purposes, special heating equipment is required; it will differ from a conventional heat boiler, including the fuel loading system. Or fuel briquettes can be produced.

Equipment for the production of briquettes is called an extruder.


In the extruder, pre-dried raw materials are crushed, then pressed and heated, thus the briquette is “glued” due to the decomposition of lignin, then passed through the divider and takes on a hexagonal shape – standard for a briquette.

The main application of the briquette is as a fuel in boilers. The briquette is also used as a raw material for making perfect charcoal.

What makes briquette charcoal more attractive?

  • A ton of briquette charcoal costs 4 times more than usual!
  • Burns 2 times longer than regular charcoal!
  • Consumption of charcoal from a briquette is 2 times lower than usual
  • Coal briquettes are in demand all year round all over the world