New improved model of the charcoal kiln “EKKO +”

GreenPower is constantly evolving and implementing new ideas, increasing the quality and productivity of the equipment it produces.
We would like to present to your attention the improved EKKO + model and focus on its new capabilities.

You will learn about the improvements made to the design of the EKKO series coal furnace and how they have influenced its reliability and efficiency. This description can be useful for both novice and experienced coal burners, as well as potential investors in the bioenergy industry.


The main advantages of “EKKO +”:

  • Additional safety margin. We replaced the main material – ceramic fiber with a similar one, but with a higher temperature resistance up to 1340 ° C, for the “Standard Model” – 1230 ° C.
  • Reinforced rail and camera rails for “EKKO +”

Under-rail beams of the EKKO furnaces are located in the lower part of the process chambers, a trolley with raw materials moves along them, and upon completion of the process with coal, a trolley is located on them in the chamber during the carbonization process. This unit of the furnace is one of the very important elements of the “EKKO” furnaces, since the docking of the trolley with the gas collector of the chamber, which must be as tight as possible, depends on its geometry.

Under the influence of high temperatures, which may arise due to the leakage of the trolley in the “pyrolysis” mode, the failure of the ACS system elements or due to the negligence of the workers, deformations of the rails and under-rail beams may occur, as a result of which there is a “non-docking” of the gas manifold of the chamber and trolley, which at one time leads to depressurization of the trolley and the occurrence of combustion of pyrolysis gas directly in the chamber, which in turn leads to more serious damage.

Reinforced under-rail beams consist of an I-beam 18, rails from a channel-6.5. This design ensures reliable operation even if personnel violate the basic requirements for operating the oven.

  • Side and back walls of the chamber.

The back wall of the process chamber in the “EKKO +” furnace is also covered with refractory material, which prevents damage from contact with high temperatures and an environment that is corrosive to metal.

  • Thermal channels of the chamber.

Designed to supply heat to the pyrolysis drying chamber from the combustion device and remove waste heat to the afterburner and chimney.

Damage to the thermal channels of the chamber can occur due to violation of the rules for operating the oven, it is very important to follow the rules of the operating instructions and timely maintain the oven.

If, during the inspection, or during operation, damage to the heat channel in the chamber in its front part (at the point of joining with the channel from the firebox), burnout / hole / crack was found, then it is necessary to stop the furnace, take a photo and send it for analysis to GreenPower for recommendations for further action. Since in the event of such damage, there is a loss of heat from the supply heat channel directly to the exit from the chamber with a rotary damper (waste heat), which can be seen by the presence of a change in the color of the metal of the rear wall of the chamber. That is, the coolant bypasses the volume of the chamber and, passing along the rear wall, leaves the chamber. That the incorrect readings of the T4 / T5 thermocouple (in fact, at the entrance to the chamber, the temperatures significantly exceed the permissible 800 ℃) and lead to metal burning and failure of the chamber dampers.

Very often, new developments are driven by environmental issues and the demands of our customers. Therefore, we thank all our clients for your interest, your questions and desire to develop with us!