In the last article, we described 4 environmental issues that certainly affect everyone. Unfortunately, the list of problems does not end there, in this article we will talk about 4 more environmental crisis situations. Why is it important to talk about it? Because they are relevant for every inhabitant of our planet, and we can only solve them together.

  1. The crisis of fresh water resources

Unfortunately, only two-thirds of the population has enough fresh water. Rivers and lakes are constantly polluted for a number of different reasons. According to the UN, most cities in the world do not have proper wastewater treatment.

  1. Extensive use of chemical and toxic substances, heavy metals

Since the last century, mankind has become much more active in using chemical, toxic substances, heavy metals. Of course, you don’t need to have a scientific degree to understand how harmful it is to the environment. Unfortunately, practically no one is involved in cleaning the environment from toxic chemicals, and in general, the cleaning process is very complicated and not always possible in principle. Progress and human needs are moving at an incredible speed, producing more and more harmful compounds and dumping waste into the environment. One cannot naively assume that the problem will be solved by itself.

  1. Air pollution

An equally important global problem is air pollution, the air that every person and every animal breathes. The air is transparent, so visually we do not notice any changes, and we breathe it constantly, therefore we do not notice how smoothly the air quality changes. The main causes of air pollution are cars and other vehicles; factories and enterprises; outdated and unsustainable charcoal plants; reducing the amount of wood that acts as an air purifier.

  1. Reducing the amount of forest

Every year the amount of forest is decreasing, there are several reasons for this, such as deforestation and forest fires. The Greenpower team has developed technologies aimed at reforestation and is doing everything possible to reduce the waste of burnt forest. First of all, it is a unique technology for the production of high-quality organic fertilizer (biochar) from the waste of a burnt forest. In addition, biochar is used as feed additives for livestock, poultry and domestic animals.

 And the process of carbonization of burnt wood raw materials opens up opportunities for obtaining a new product of unique quality. In English, such processing of raw materials is called torrefaction. The parameters of the obtained product depend on the parameters of the process, the set temperature and the duration of the process. The scope of its application has a wide range: woodworking industry, construction, space heating.

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