GreenPower ™ Annual Progress Report

  1. Achievements for EKKO charcoal kilns

1.1. Automated control system for the carbonation process (see video)

  • ACS allows control of the exothermic reaction “PYROLYSIS”, which was considered impossible by many theorists of the past.
  • Developed and passed field tests, as well as approved by all Customers of EKKO-2 charcoal kilns in 2020

1.2. “Childhood diseases of the kiln” were eliminated. The design of the kiln was maximally strengthened and made convenient for service, these upgrades included

  • Construction and materials of the carbonization chamber;
  • Design and materials of the kiln furnace;
  • Materials of the kiln control chamber;
  • Kiln trolley design;
  • Construction of the kiln chimney.

1.3. The charcoal kiln EKKO-4 was developed and will be released in the first quarter of 2021

1.4. The EKKO-2 charcoal kiln has gained wide recognition in different parts of the world:

  • Launching and re-certification of personnel near Kiev, Ukraine (see video). The EKKO-2 kiln changed ownership: GreenPower assisted in the launch of the kiln for the new owner.
  • Commissioning of the 3rd stage of EKKO kilns in Indonesia (see video). The 2nd stage of kilns was delivered at the beginning of 2020. After 3 months of successful testing, a further Order was placed.
  • Commissioning of the 2nd stage of EKKO kilns in Bosnia and Herzegovina (see video). The first 2 EKKO CK-1 kilns were delivered to the Customer in 2018, in 2019 these units fell into disrepair. They were restored by joint efforts of the parties and modernized as EKKO-2. In 2019, the Customer ordered 3 more kilns to expand production.
  • Commissioning of the 1st EKKO kiln in England (see video). This Order was launched in the summer during a period of total LockDown in UK, the Service Engineer of the GreenPower Company had to be quarantined for 14 days.
  • Commissioning of the EKKO kiln in Lviv, Ukraine (see video). The customer already had 2 charcoal kilns CK-4 EURO since 2015. Full overhaul of these was done with the help of GreenPower. The successful outcome resulted in an order for a new EKKO-2 kiln
  • New order and delivery of equipment to Spain (see video). At the end of 2019, the General Director and Technical Director of GreenPower launched the EKKO ovens in Spain, Mora. In 2020, the Customer from Spain made a Decision to expand its production and placed a New Order.

These are just a few of the launches of EKKO kilns and certification of the Customer’s personnel by GreenPowerTM. It should be borne in mind that most of them took place in quarantine conditions – GreenPower company consistently and unconditionally fulfills its obligations.

      2. Achievements for Bio-Kiln charcoal kilns

2.1. Mechanization system for loading raw materials into the kiln and unloading finished coal (see video). The system works using reliable and proven raw material sensors located in the kiln storage hopper, together with charcoal sensors developed by GreenPower located in the kiln’s charcoal discharge hopper.

2.2. Automated control system for the carbonization process. ACS allows full control of the process of loading raw materials and unloading finished charcoal from the kiln. It also allows consistent control over the content of non-volatile carbon in charcoal (video under development).

       3. A project for a new series of ECO-Carbon furnaces has been developed, on the basis of the old charcoal kiln CK-2 EURO, it is planned to start testing the furnace in 2021 (see the video presentation)

       4. Improvement of the GreenPower Order service system

  • Passed ISO9001 system certification for the production company
  • Acquired New production site of GreenPower Company
  • A number of Intellectual Property Rights Documents have been received:
  • ТМ GreenPower
  • Patent of Ukraine for “Bio-Kiln”
  • Patent of Ukraine for the EKKO oven
  • Approved for “EURASIAN PATENT”
  • Received approval of Filipino PATENT for the Bio-Kiln
  • Received approval for the Turkish PATENT of “Bio-Kiln”
  • Restructuring of the sales department
  • A CRM system was introduced, which provides control of the Order at all stages of implementation, including after-sales service
  • The following new staff positions were introduced: content manager and administrator of the sales department, which allows GreenPower managers to devote more time to customers.
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