Launch of the BIO-KILN-3 furnace in Spain

GreenPower is actively expanding. And in 2022, we are pleased to announce that our company has officially become international.

In August 2022, we launched our own charcoal production in Chiva, Spain:

  • charcoal for hookah under the brand BlackAlmond;
  • biochar under the brand MCC BioChar. 

We use the BIO-KILN-3 charcoal furnace to carbonize our charcoal. This furnace model is designed for heat treatment of raw materials of plant origin, and allows you to get up to 120 tons of finished charcoal per month.

This equipment works according to the pyrolysis method (without oxygen access), which protects the atmosphere from harmful emissions. And at the same time we get charcoal of a homogeneous composition.

The use of other, less technologically advanced carbonization methods leads to the fact that 1 ton of produced charcoal accounts for 4 tons of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which include: resins, acids, dioxins, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances.

TM BlackAlmond is a brand that specializes in the production and supply of premium hookah charcoal from almond shells. This brand is, at the time of publication, the only manufacturer in the world using almond shells as a raw material. This type of hookah charcoal is a unique author’s development.

MCC Biochar is a product of the future that allows you to regenerate the potential of soil fertility and increase the productivity of animal growth, stabilize their immunity. This is an environmentally friendly charcoal, rich in carbon that is useful for plants and animals. Leading global companies that pay attention to the agricultural sector consider biochar one of the most influential natural products of our time.

Spain is the second largest producer of almonds in the world. Every year, there are 4 kilograms of almonds for every inhabitant of the country. The fruit is in a hard shell, which is discarded during the production of almonds. As a result of this process, a large number of unnecessary shells are formed, which belong to biowaste.

Our idea is to use the useless agricultural waste of almonds to produce hookah charcoal and biochar. GreenPower equipment does an excellent job of carbonizing raw materials of plant origin.

Using only natural raw materials without chemical impurities is our secret of high-quality charcoal.

As a result, we offer you a unique product that does not harm the environment and people.

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