EKKO-2 in Guatemala

Preparation for the launch of the latest version of the EKKO-2 carbonization furnace in Guatemala for the @zarzacarbon company is an important step towards increasing the efficiency and environmental friendliness of production in this country.

First of all, EKKO-2 has high efficiency, which allows for the maximum efficient use of charcoal or other solid fuels and reduces energy costs.

In addition, EKKO-2 has a low level of emissions into the atmosphere due to the use of modern gas filtration and purification technologies. This reduces harmful emissions and mitigates the negative impact on the environment, which is an important factor in Guatemala where clean air and water are highly valued.

EKKO-2 also has high reliability and durability thanks to the use of modern materials and technologies. This guarantees uninterrupted operation and a long service life of the furnace, which is particularly important for enterprises that require production stability.

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