Why is dried pineapple better than fresh?

Why is dried pineapple better than fresh?

Not only the exquisite taste of pineapple, which was enjoyed by both young children and adults, determines all the advantages of an exotic fruit. Rich composition of useful micro- and macroelements, vitamins – PP; E; AT 9; AT 5; IN 2; TO; FROM; AT 6; AT 4; A; B1, with regular use, improves mood, improves digestion and skin condition, accelerates blood circulation and tone the general condition of the body, and gives a boost of vivacity and strength.


This product is classified as dietary, despite its high calorie content. The content of a special enzyme – bromelain, promotes the breakdown of fat cells. This is a special plant enzyme that has a wide range of beneficial properties. For example, it improves tissue regeneration, has anti-cancer properties, and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels. In addition, it boosts the metabolism, promoting faster fat burning.

dried pineapple without added flavorings
In dried form, the fruit is deprived of almost all liquid, so all nutrients and fiber are in a concentrated form. Perhaps this explains the richer taste and aroma of the product; it creates the feeling that in dried form pineapple manifests more pronounced all its useful properties. The dried fruit is a great alternative to sweet. It is able to dull the feeling of hunger and saturate a person with vitamin and mineral substances and not harm health. At the same time, one should distinguish dried pineapples – candied fruits prepared by soaking fresh fruit in sugar syrup, and dried pineapple, which is produced on modern industrial equipment – microwave installations. The combination of the use of microwave energy and infrared radiation provides energy efficient, uniform moisture removal and preservation of the taste and useful qualities of the product. In the second case, the fruit is dehydrated without added sugar and preservatives. And such a product will be useful for both children and diabetics, and those people who are not indifferent to their health: they go in for sports and want to keep weight.
Of course, such products, produced on modern microwave equipment, are much more useful than popular snacks – chips and crackers, since they are not addictive due to the presence of flavoring additives and flavor enhancers.


It is also worth paying attention to how to choose a quality product – dried pineapples without adding flavors and dyes have a natural color, do not differ in particular brightness. Also, dried pineapples, dehydrated in the microwave, retain their natural pale yellow color and all the beneficial elements. The liquid disappears from it, and the number of proteins and fats increases. It contains all the vitamins and minerals, which means all the useful properties. And this naturally immediately affects the taste of the dried product, which you can immediately notice when buying a quality product.
Such a dried delicacy will be healthier than any sweets – cakes and sweets, as well as dried fruits, which may contain some sugar. A small amount of fiber concentrate helps, when combined with other useful products with moderate but constant use, to cleanse the intestines and improve digestion, food absorption. Natural fiber works as a kind of “scrub” for the intestines, binding and naturally removing toxins, mucus and toxic substances. And this will undoubtedly affect the general condition of the body – vigor, strength, improvement in tone and color of skin and hair.

“Due to the presence of organic acids, fresh fruits are not safe for some people. But dried ones can be eaten by everyone without restrictions, since the chemical composition will be different. “

General recommendations:
– do not overeat, as due to the high content of organic acids, indigestion and problems with the oral cavity may occur for people with special teeth sensitivity;
– there are contraindications for allergy sufferers;
– be especially careful to use for people with problems with hematopoiesis;
– store in sealed packaging, containers, as dried fruits tend to absorb moisture.