Microwave Installation for Food Dehydration

Microwave Installation for Food Dehydration

GreenPower company is implementing a new direction in the development and manufacture of industrial microwave equipment for product processing. For this purpose, a group of experienced developers with 20 years of experience in using microwave energy was involved.


Microwave installations of GreenPower company are develop to provide the following processes of food and non-food products: dehydration, disinfection, defrosting, extraction, to stimulate seed growth, recovery and ozonation, processes associated with improving the properties of food products.

The introduction of these technologies began in the United States and Japan in the mid-60s, but they have been gaining popularity over the past years due to the reorientation of consumer preferences towards natural production, i.e. the consumer prefers fresh or frozen food without the usage of traditional preservatives – salt and sugar. A “healthy product” should not contain cholesterol and should not be packed in metal containers. Based on these requirements, one can see the almost complete failure of the modern food industry in this area.

At the same time, it is quite obvious that in the conditions of the incessant rise in prices for natural energy resources, the further development of microwave technologies using only electricity is very promising. Currently, many industrialized countries widely use microwave technologies for drying, tempering, pasteurizing, expanding, concentrating and extracting raw materials in order to reduce energy costs and increase the efficiency of processes.


Microwave installations make it possible not only to dehydrate and fry food, but also to disinfect them, extend the shelf life and restore products without the risk of losing nutrients, taste and microelements. They are more energy efficient and productive compared to traditional methods, that can reduce the cost of production and improve its properties.

Features of the use of microwave technologies, in combination with infrared radiation, guarantee the maximum possible uniform removal of moisture from the entire product, without the risk of spoiling the product, i.e. overdry or fry. In addition, all harmful bacteria and biologically active substances are destroyed, the processes of destruction of products are slowed down, which prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor and preserves the taste and aroma of products.

dry fruits

The unique GreenPower microwave installations are capable of carrying out the following processes:

  • FRYING. Energy efficient production of fruit and vegetable chips, with consistent beneficial flavor.
  • DRYING. Energy efficient drying of wheat, seeds, cereals, dry mixes, animal feed.
  • DRY BOILING of food products, “boiling” of fruits and vegetables in “own juice”, which ensures high quality of the finished product, since many useful ingredients do not leave with water.
  • RESTORATION and ozonation of substandard products and elimination of pest contamination of products. Allows to give “substandard products” characteristics of fresh products.
  • STERILIZATION and disinfection of food and non-food products, extension shelf life, elimination of harmful bacteria and organisms.
  • SEED TREATMENT before sowing, which increases germination and germination rate by several percent.

It is also worth adding to the above, that the products after such processing don`t lose their appearance, retain their color and characteristics of a fresh product.

Orange, An Apple, Mango, A pineapple, Apricot, Pear, A tomato, Plum

In addition to the rich functionality presented above, depending on the specific of production, the installations are presented in three main models: Hot Stream, Samun and Sirocco. Control is carried out using the operator panel, which displays all the main indicators of the process, it is also possible to set and select the operating mode of the equipment. The ability to set the mode once and then launch it by pressing a button simplifies the production process and also eliminates the risk of product damage. In case of unforeseen situations, an emergency button is provided on the panel.

Chamber microwave installation “Sirocco”

chamber microwave

Sirocco is a basic microwave dehydration – drying and thermal disinfection installation for food and non-food products. The installation can handle pharmaceutical and medical materials, clay, sand, chemical and building materials. With this installation, you can also defrost products. An additional advantage of the chamber microwave installation is the ability to carry out these operations with packaged products without harm to the goods.

Chamber vacuum microwave installation “Samun”

Chamber vacuum microwave installation Samun

The Samun installation is constructed for drying and dehydration at low temperatures of 30-40 ° C. In addition, it can perform microwave heating in a vacuum, carrying out structural modification and dry distillation to obtain a dry residue and a flavored distillate. The usage of microwave energy in a vacuum allows you to keep unchanged the protein, taste and useful properties of the product, as well as the original appearance of the product, which is especially useful while processing cheese and meat products. Using this process significantly reduces production waste and at the same time maintains a presentable appearance of the product. The vacuum unit can include one, two or four chambers.

Combined conveyor microwave installation “Hot Stream”

Комбинированная конвейерная СВЧ установка «Горячий поток»

The Hot Stream installation has a high productivity combined with a relatively small size; it is presented in three modifications based on moisture capacity: 25, 50 and 100 liters / hour.

Hot Stream combines two processes: microwave energy and infrared radiation, which ensures the continuity of production and the most uniform heating of raw materials – from the outside and from the inside. Thanks to the use of infrared radiation, all harmful bacteria and biologically active substances are destroyed, the processes of destruction of products are slowed down, which prevents the appearance of an unpleasant odor, preserves the taste and aroma of products.

The variety of models presented allows you to adapt the above processes using microwave energy for different types of production.

The production of fruit and vegetable snacks and chips was implemented in the Kiev region by TM HiSnack company, which use the Hot Stream installation. Their products are selling in large retail chains in Ukraine. Similar equipment is also used at the enterprises of the “food giants” of the Nestle company.

dry fruits

The Samun is used at a production near Kiev, Ukraine. “Noble cheeses” are used as raw materials for producing cheese snacks, which are sold in retail chains in Ukraine.

The use of microwave tech

dry foam chesse

nology is possible in various fields, for example, in the city of Kharkov, Ukraine, Sirocco is used for drying casting molds, which reduces their drying time from 2 days to 90 minutes.