The equipment is intended for drying wood chips and sawdust. It is equipped with an automation system for selection of the optimal mode of drying of raw materials with a stream of hot air.

The advantages of drum dryers over other types of dryers:

● versatility;
● uniformity of heating and drying of particles due to intensive mixing of the material;
● the ability to dry highly wet material;
● ease of installation (capital facilities are not required for commissioning);
● high performance;
● reliability of work (the formation of stagnant zones is excluded);
● low power consumption.

The installation consist s of the following components:
1. drum
2. driving bearing
3. driven bearing
4. base
5. inlet box
6. outlet box
7. shaft
8. control panel.

This equipment is an integral part of the Pini-kay briquette production line.

The main principal of the equipment operation

Аfter selection of drying modes (drum speed, temperature of air supply from the heat exchanger, volumes of raw materials supply), the button of drum rotation turns on.
During the drying process, the operator must monitor the temperature and humidity at the entrance and exit to/from the installation (the temperature and humidity measurement system is not included into the basic delivery set of the installation and must be ordered separately).

Техническое описание

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