Charcoal kiln CK-7 "EURO"

Charcoal kiln CK-7 “EURO” is a continuation of charcoal kilns of the “EURO” series, which are designed forlow-temperature pyrolysis of carbon-containing materials (of plant origin) in order to obtain high-quality charcoal and thermal energy. The model went on sale in 2018.

The following advantages of the kiln should be mentioned:

  • Reduction of heat loss due to the use of the newest thermal insulation materials
  • Quick start-up
  • Low weight and easy transportation
  • Possibility to send two kilns in one vehicle
  • High productivity and COMPACT SIZE
  • Reliable, maintainable and safe construction of the kiln
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Absence of emissions during operation
  • Full mechanization and automation of the operation process
  • Low power consumption
  • Possibility to obtain thermal energy
  • The cost includes commissioning works and staff training
  • Warranty period is 12(24) months
  • Charcoal holds the shape of the raw material
  • Less than 1% of siftings
  • The kiln meets all modern requirements
  • The kiln is delivered practically fully assembled
Name Value
Maintenance staff for 1-3 kilns, ppl. 2-3
Power consumption, no more than, kW per hour 1.2
Firewood consumption of the furnace, no more than*, m3/24 hours 0.1
Dimensions, 20ft container, m: length (with afterburner) х width х height 5.95 (7.1) х 2.3 х 2.3
Duration of the complete cycle, h 18-34
Weight, t 8
Warranty period, months 12

The parameter values depend on the following factors: wood moisture content, wood species (minimum moisture content – poplar, maximum moisture content – hornbeam, Crimean oak) and size of the piece. Increased humidity (in comparison with the nominal level of 55%) significantly reduces the output and increases the firewood consumption of the furnace. At a relative humidity of 75% (freshly cut hardwood during the sap flow period) the productivity decreases by 15-20%.

Main elements of the kiln

1. Furnace chamber
2. Drying/pyrolysis chamber
3. Trolley
4. Flame ways of the chamber
5. Damper of heat carrier supply to the chamber
6. Chimney damper

7. Gas collector
8. Gas pipes (chamber-furnace connection)
9. Chimney (stationary part)
10. System of the process control
11. Furnace-chamber connection
12. Platform for transporting the trolleys

Operational scheme of the charcoal kiln CK-7 “EURO”

Т2 – t °C of steam-gas mixture of chamber A
Т3 – t °C inside chamber A
Т4 – t °C of gas supply into the chimney
Т5 – t °C of steam-gas mixture of chamber B
Т6 – t °C inside chamber B
Т7 – t °C of gas supply into chamber A
Т8 – t °C of gas supply into chamber B
1 – furnace channel of chamber A
2 – furnace channel of chamber B
3 – afterburner channel of chamber A

4 – afterburner channel of chamber B
5 – steam valve of chamber A
6 – steam valve of chamber B
7 – “GAS INTO FURNACE” valve of chamber A
8 – “GAS INTO FURNACE” valve of chamber B
9 – valve of air supply into the furnace
10 – chimney
11 – afterburner blower
12 – damper of chamber A
13 – damper of chamber B

Kiln productivity

Raw material Charcoal, tons per month
Freshly cut wood 25-35
Pre-dried wood 35-45
Fuel briquettes 40-55

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