Сomplex for thermocatalytic neutralization of MSW, 500 kg/hour

The technological complex is assembled from detached modules. Assembly joints of all modules make it possible to change the configuration of the complex with addition of new elements.

Basic configuration of the technological complex includes:

  • Waste receiving and charging module
  • Waste sorting module (sorting line);
  • Module of thermocatalytiс decomposition of the residues;
  • Module of flue gases cooling and heat energy utilization;
  • Module of flue gases neutralization and purification;
  • Module of  noncombustible residue (ash) removal and processing;
  • System of safety complex control;
  • Flue gases disposal system.

Waste receiving and charging module. The module includes receiving bunker for accumulation and storage of minicipal solid waste feeding for processing. Hydraulic manipulator with oil-pumping station for preliminary preparation (ripping) and waste supply to the sorting module (sorting line).

Waste sorting module (sorting line). The module (sorting line) contains the next basic elements: loading conveyor with a sorting cabin receiving bunker, sorting conveyor with receiving bunker, off-loading conveyor with receiving hopper and storage hopper.

Module of thermocatalytiс decomposition of the residues. It provides ultimate thermal decomposition of the organic part of the disposable waste with further gasification of chlorine and fluororganic compounds, hydrocarbon waste with further destruction and oxidation of gasification products.

The module contains the next basic elements: smokeless charging machine of the kiln providing full mechanization and automation of this technological operation; chamber kiln with fire-grate, agitator (ripper) and ashpit. The temperature on the kiln wall should be not less than 800oC. Lining performance is min 3 years.
Afterburning chamber with thermocatalytic reactor provides complete destruction and oxidation of the waste gasification products. Operating mode of the afterburning chamber should provide min 800oC temperature on the chamber wall, duration of gaseous products stay is min 2 seconds, excess of oxidant is min 6%. Lining performance is max 3 years. Burner device with pneumatic ejecting sprayer running on liquid fuel, fuel tank and fuel pipe with shut-off-and-regulating fittings. Burner device equipped with a flame automatic regulating device and inspection hole.

Module of flue gases cooling and heat energy utilization. The module provides cooling of flue gases leaving afterburning chamber of the kiln at a temperature from 900-1100°С to 120-150°С by means of heat transfer for water heating used in the heating network and hot water systems and for air heating supplied into the kiln for the process of burning.

The module contains the next basic elements:

Water economizer (water heater) in which water heating takes place due to flue gases heat utilization; this hot water will be used for both own needs of the complex and provision of outside consumers; water-supply system inside the complex with shut-off-and-regulating fitting; recuperator in which heating of air supplied into the kiln for the process of burning takes place due to flue gases heat utilization, that helps significantly to reduce fuel consumption in the process of burning of low-caloric and high-humidity waste; blower fan and air piping with multipurpose valves.

Module of flue gases neutralization and purification. Quantity and types of cleaning facilities were selected to the effect that to provide purification of flue gases from harmful components up to the concentrations stated in the EU directive 2000/76/ЕС of waste burning.

The module contains the next basic elements: dust-cleaning unit (bag filter) installed after the module of flue gases cooling and heat energy utilization. In this unit fine dust pieces are to be collected from the gas flow up to max 10mg/m of residual content (concentration).
Chemical cleaning provides neutralization of flue gases from acid components (chlorofluorine and sulphur compounds) by means of their treatment with alkali (soda) solution and formation of non-hazardous salts.
Carbon fiber adsorption filter according European classification functions as “police filter” (always on the watch). It must have adsorption capacity to the wide range of harmful matters from flue gases.

Module of noncombustible residue (ash) removal. It is equipped with changeable tanks used to remove noncombustible residue from the kiln ashpit and containers for its intermediate storage.

System of safety complex control. This system is to provide safety complex operation; control and regulation of thermal conditions of the kiln and afterburning chamber, underpressure along the gas path, safety shutdown of the complex in the emergency situations.

Flue gases disposal system.
The system includes a set of gas ducts, smoke pipes, smoke exhauster and chimney.  




Complex productive capacity, kg/hour


*Quantity of secondary raw material collected at the sorting line, kg/hour* including:
–    plastic and polyethyleneterephthalate-tare
–    glass
–    paper and  carton
–    metal (ferrous and  nonferrous)


Quantity of wastes supplied for burning after the sorting kg/hour


Total installed capacity  of the complex electric drives, kW/hour


Total power consumption of the complex electric drives, kW/hour


Specific electricity consumption for waste processing, kW/kg


Average weighted liquid fuel consumption for waste burning, kg/hour


Specific average weighted liquid fuel consumption for waste burning in the kiln, kg/kg


Amount of generated heat energy, Gcal/hour


Complex operating mode


Maintenance staff, person/shift


Volume of flue gases emitted into the atmosphere, m3/hour


Concentration of dust in flue gases at the outlet, mg/ncm(max)


Concentration of toxic substances in the surface layer at any point of the complex operating area, MPC percent (max)


Overall dimensions of the complex premises,  m:


*The data stated for the average weighted waste content

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