The shed over the production area

We advise to operate the charcoal kilns CK-2 and CK-4 “EURO” under the shed or in the premise. Outdoor charcoal production leads to a range of problems connected with atmospheric influence onto the kiln:

  1. It is also problematical to operate under rain, snow and sun. The maintenance staff may fall ill, get sunstrokes etc.
  2. Atmospheric influence (rain, snow) leads to decrease in efficient coefficient and kiln productivity.
  3. Besides in winter period the side walls of the shed can be closed and it will make it possible to operate the kiln when the temperature is above 0 ºС.
  4. The atmospheric precipitations influence the raw material prepared for the process of charring on the open area that significantly influence duration of the process.

This is only the smallest part of advantages of kiln operation in premises or under the shed. We offer dismountable construction of the shed, the overall size is specified with a Customer.

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