Heat-recovery boiler

Heat-recovery boiler

Heat-recovery boiler is used to utilize excess pyrolysis gas in order to receive heat energy. Heat energy is used for industrial or household needs.

Installation of heat- recovery boiler is possible only in a case if at least 2 charcoal kilns CK-2 or CK-4 “EURO” are available in one place. To install the heat- recovery boiler it is also necessary to have a gas collector. The cost of the boiler is calculated according to the customer’s specifications. It possible to install the heat-recovery boiler if there is any number of CK “EURO” models. Capacity of heat-recovery boiler is determined depending on the number  of kilns

Using heat-recovery boiler it is important to consider:

1. What is the purpose of produced heat application?

2. What should be heated by the heat-recovery boiler: water or air?

3. Will the heat recovery boiler be connected to the existing boiler or it will be used independently?

4. What kind of fuel is used for pyrolysis: wood, its moisture and size; pini-kay briquette?

5. What is the number of charcoal-burning kilns on the site and their position?

We fully approach the assigned task and offer the optimal variant for its solution.

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