Hardwood charcoal


GreenPower company specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of equipment for charcoal production from wood of different types of trees, briquettes and waste from wood processing industry and agriculture.

Our company produces high-quality charcoal with high physical-chemical parameters. For this a special technology was developed and patented by company GreenPower.

The charcoal production technology and hardwood using (oak, beech, hornbeam) as raw materials guarantees high parameters of the end product:

  • High mechanical strength provides the absence of small fraction. During transportation its content may increse but no more than of 1% for every 100 kilometers.
  • Compliance with European Standards (Din, Din +) and GOST 7657-84.
  • The coarse fraction and high carbon content in charcoal provide long burning time (minimum 3 hours) and absence of smoke.
  • Using in the metallurgical and chemical industries as well as in domestic fireplaces, barbecues, etc.

We produce charcoal in the special equipment – environmentally friendly charcoal kilns by low-temperature pyrolysis in compliance with all requirements of production technology.


Charcoal production by modern methods:

  • Exclude harmful emissions
  • Increase the percentage charcoal yield from 1 ton of raw material
  • Reduce the quantity of waste wood industry
  • Reduce the cutting of valuable species of trees for charcoal production.
  • Receive heat or power energy by pyrolysis gas processing

Charcoal produced by our company has the following characteristics:

  • Non-volatile carbon content is no less than 80%
  • Ashes content is no more than 1%
  • Water content (humidity) is no more that 5%
  • Heat content MJ/Kg kcal/Kg – 33.5/8000
  • Fraction – by agreement

By agreement with the customer, it’s possible to produce “charcoal logs” as well as the equipment with special trolleys for making charcoal, for example, from olive bones, seeds, husks, shells of nuts (including coconut) etc.

Charcoal capacity into different packing and on pallets in truck:

Charcoal  in a bag, (kg/bag) Bags quantity on a pallet, (pcs.) Loaded pallet weight, (kg.)  Capacity into a truck 86-120м³, (pcs.) Comments
12-14 14 – 20 Polypropylene bag
2,5 124 310 8-10,5 Paper craft bag
3 110 330 8-10,5 Paper craft bag
5 66 330 8,5-11 Paper craft bag
10 33 330 9 – 12 Paper craft bag

During transport, the fraction less than 20 mm may increase as a result of charcoal shaking.


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