Extruder GP-350 for Pini-kay briquette production

Extruder GP-350 is designed for production of fuel briquettes pini-kay from plant waste without the use of binders.

Equipment is designed for production of briquettes (without binders), which have wide application and are used as solid fuel in boilers, furnaces, fireplaces, grills, barbecues, etc.  Raw material for this extruder is a plant biomass such as husks of sunflower, buckwheat, rice, walnut shells, olive stones, wood chips and sawdust of different wood types.

Parameter Value
Productivity, up to kg/hour 500
Moisture of raw material at the inlet of extruder, % 4-8
Fraction of source raw material, mm 2-10
Power consumption (including heater), kW/hour, not more 46,4
Heater power consumption, kW/hour, not more 7,2
Electricity consumption per 1 hour of operation, kW, not more 38
Specific electricity consumption, kW*hour/kg, not more 0,1
Length (including briquettes divider), mm 3800
Width, mm 1200
Height, mm 2250
Weight, kg 1600
Warranty period, months 12


The possible shapes of the briquette



Briquettes Pini-Kay have wide application:

  • As a solid fuel in boilers, kilns, furnaces, etc.
  • As raw materials for producing charcoal of a new generation by the pyrolysis of briquette in charcoal kilns.

This extruder application allows:

  • To produce fuel with calorific value 4200-4900 kcal/kg (on the same level with mineral coal)
  • Utilize industrial waste of wood processing and production of edible and technical oils
  • Create ecological energy carrier from the renewable sources.


Principle of extruder operation


Principle of extruder operation


Raw material dried up to 8% is supplied from the loading hopper 1 by the screw feeder 2 into the feed spout 5 of the extruder operating device. Raw material is supplied from feed spout by the conic screw into the heating chamber 6, where the briquette is formed due to the heating of the lignin. The briquette is pushed from the heating chamber into the divider 7.

Length of briquette can be adjusted by dividing or trimming device.

After the briquetting crosscutter GP-350 can be applied, in this case briquettes are cut into good quality pieces of adjusted length.


This equipment is perfect for production of new generation charcoal.



In order to produce charcoal from pini-kay briquette charcoal burning kiln is used.


Useful information:

  • 400 kg of charcoal is produced from 1 ton of briquettes
  • 1 ton of briquette charcoal is 4 times more expensive than usual pini-kay briquette
  • Pini-kay briquette charcoal burns 2 times longer than usual charcoal
  • Consumption of pini-kay briquette charcoal is 2 times lower than usual charcoal
  • Charcoal  briquettes are in demand all year round all over the world


In case of ordering equipment for charcoal production from pini-kay briquette, 

special prices are valid.


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