Device for charcoal stabilization

It significantly reduces stabilization and cooling time of charcoal, and excludes its further combustion. The process of charcoal stabilization lies in its contact with atmospheric air, to learn more about this process you will be able in the article “each charcoal burner needs to know it”.

To ensure uniform contact of each piece of charcoal with air, its layer should not exceed 200 mm, that requires large areas with a hard surface. So, for example, for the volume of the unloaded charcoal from 8 trolleys, you need about 40 m2 excluding technological “tracks”. If 6 charcoal kilns CK-3 (4) EURO-m work in the company, that would require about 300 mof space with a hard surface and preferably under cover.

The stabilization device allows to cut square to a minimum.

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