Semi-automatic charcoal packaging line

The line is designed for semi-automatic filling and packaging of charcoal in a bag and in a box


Line technical features:

charcoal packing line

  1. Adjustable feeding conveyor speed.
  2. When a team of three people is working, the productivity is 1000 kg / hour with stacking and wrapping on a pallet.
  3. Powerful ventilation unit.
  4. The dust extraction zones are closed as much as possible, which prevents the spread of dust in the room where the dispenser is installed.
  5. An elongated chute, between the receiving hopper and the conveyor - makes it possible to load the product into the receiving hopper, in the warehouse, and to pack and store the products in another. This significantly reduces the level of dust in the room, so that dust does not settle on bags with finished products.
  6. The dust collected by the aspiration system accumulates in the cyclone and can be recycled.
  • Ability to fill in paper and plastic bags with three removable necks and in carton boxes. The nodes are removable.

The line includes:

1 - Loading hopper with a perforated vibrating tray for screening out fine fractions (0-20 mm);

2 - Bucket conveyor;

3 - Semi-automatic batcher with pneumatic bag clamp;

4 - Dust removal (aspiration) system from all charcoal transfer zones;

5 - Outfeed roller conveyor is not driven;

6 - Bag sewing machine;

7 - Pneumatic lifting table with roller conveyor and neck flange

(for packing in boxes) - option.

Technical description

Charcoal packing scheme in a box:

The receiving table (2) can be located perpendicular to the product discharge axis or on the same axis with the discharge roller conveyor.

Charcoal packing scheme in a box Схема фасовки древесного угля в коробку

The operator installs the box (a) on the receiving table (2) and moves it to the pneumatic lifting table (5) (box position b), where it is fixed in a certain position by the bumpers, which can be installed in various positions depending on the required feeding and withdrawal scheme containers. The table (5) is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder, which, when the operator depresses the pneumatic pedal, rises to the neck (3), presses against the flange (4) (box position (c)) and is held until the charcoal dosing process is completed. At the end of dosing, a signal is received and a pneumatic table (5) lowers the box to position (b). The operator moves the box onto the roller conveyor (6), to position (e), where the box is closed with a lid.

The roller conveyor (6) is equipped with a sack sewing machine (8) for paper bags. The height of the roller conveyor is adjustable. The bag sewing machine, if necessary, can be removed from the roller conveyor.

Line side view

Side view of the coal filling line Вид линии фасовки угля сбоку

The principle of the line:

The operator loads charcoal into the hopper (1) from polypropylene bags, big bags or other containers, according to the customer’s requirements (loading with a loader is possible). In the upper part of the bunker neck, at an inclination, there is a calibration grid (2) with a mesh size of 80×80 mm. Charcoal with a fraction of more than 80 mm is retained by the grate (does not go for packing) and is removed by the operator.

Under the hopper there is a vibrating feeder (3) with a perforated chute (4) (hole size 20x20mm), which allows, simultaneously with the supply of charcoal to the feeding bucket conveyor (5), to screen the fine charcoal fraction (0 – 20 mm). The screenings are poured into the receiving hopper (6), which is periodically cleaned by the operator.

System: hopper-vibrating feeder-tray for screening, is at the same time a unit for sorting coal into 3 fractions:

– 0-20 mm – elimination;

– 20-80 mm – goes for packing;

– more than 80 mm.

Charcoal, falling on the feeding conveyor (5), is fed by buckets into the receiving hopper of the batcher (7). The batcher hopper is equipped with sensors that monitor the maximum and minimum filling levels in the hopper. When charcoal is produced to the minimum mark, a sensor is triggered and the vibratory feeder and bucket conveyor are automatically turned on. The hopper is filled with charcoal up to the maximum mark; upon reaching this level, the vibrating feeder and the conveyor are automatically turned off.

Charcoal filling line линия упаковки древесного угля

The minimum and maximum levels are adjusted on the control panel and are set when setting up the line operation system.

From the batcher hopper, by two vibrating feeders, coal is alternately fed into 2 weighing hoppers (filling is carried out alternately).

The operator sets the required dose on the control panel in the range of 1-10 kg. The initially set dose is drawn into both bins (a and b). The hopper (a) unloads charcoal into the neck, while the hopper (a) is refilled with the next dose, the hopper (b) unloads the dose into a package, which ensures maximum productivity. The unloading mouth (8) is equipped with pneumatic bag clamps (9) and several necks (according to the customer’s specifications), for filling various doses (2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg).

The necks are removable. The process of replacing them takes no more than 20 minutes.

The operator puts the bag on the neck, presses the pedal, while the jaws of the pneumatic clamps (9) close. The dose is automatically discharged into the package, the operator releases the pedal, the jaws open, the package is removed by the operator and installed on the discharge roller conveyor (10) and sewn up using a bag sewing machine (11) located above the conveyor. The height of the conveyor and the sack sewing machine is adjustable, for the possibility of sewing various standard sizes of packages.

The charcoal packaging line is equipped with an aspiration system (12) shown in the top view of the line. The aspiration system includes: a high-pressure ventilation unit that provides a highly efficient system for collecting dust from the areas of charcoal transportation and handling during technological operations, namely: from the area of ​​feeding by a vibrating feeder to the bucket conveyor, from the area of ​​feeding by a bucket conveyor to the dispenser hopper, from the dispenser hopper to weighing bins and dispenser neck.

Semi-automatic charcoal packaging line

The aspiration system includes: a cyclone with a bottom hopper for collecting dust and a system of fabric filters made of a filter cloth appropriate for the product. The cyclone hopper and collector are cleaned periodically, 1-2 times per shift, depending on the dustiness of the product. Fabric filters must be shaken periodically with a flat object (1 time every 1.5-2 hours) – carried out by the operator. At the request of the customer, the filter chamber can be equipped with an automatic shaking device (option).

The bucket conveyor is equipped with an upper box, which allows it to be used as a channel for the passage of air from the zone of charcoal supply and transfer.

Line specifications:

Names Units Indicators Notes
1 Dispenser capacity kg/hour 2000

Maximum productivity while providing fast maintenance of equipment by personnel

2 Container bag, box
3 Dose weight kg 1,0 –10,0 dose in a package – 7 kg,       dose in a box – 10 kg
4 Dose accuracy % +/-5 the dose is formed by weight
5 Dose counter there is
6 Bag clamp pneumatic
7 Bag size mm according to customer requirements
8 Inner box dimensions mm width – 370            length – 500            height – 200
9 Charcoal fraction size mm 20*80    50*10 If you have a larger size of charcoal please indicate this
10 Fraction of charoal going to screening mm 0-20 Does not go into packaging, but is collected in a separate container
11 Dust extraction system –  from all charcoal handling areas
12 Outfeed conveyor roller not driven
13 Overall dimensions of the loading hopper m length – 2.2         width – 2.2         height – 2.5
14 Pneumatic lifting table with roller conveyor and dispenser neck flange serves to fill boxes with charcoal
15 Footprint m2 no more than 40 depending on the configuration
16 Height mm no more than 3800
17 Installed capacity kWh no more than 9 depending on the configuration
18 Voltage stabilization system when power is applied option

if necessary, paid additionally

19 Line adaptation to working conditions in the north or in tropical conditions option

if necessary, paid additionally

20 Line transport dimensions mm length – 6000 width – 2400 height – 2200 depending on the configuration
21 Line weight tons 4,5-5,0 depending on the configuration


Why do customers choose us?

  • No emissions during operation
  • Compactness and mobility of equipment
  • High performance (up to 60 tons of charcoal per month)
  • Full mechanization and automation of the operational process
  • The use of modern materials - reliable design
  • The number of screenings does not exceed 1%
  • Quality and guarantees - confirmed by
    19 years of experience on the market
  • Mobile equipment

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