Line for packing the charcoal briquettes into the foil

The mechanism is intend to form charcoal packages by producing 25 mm cubes, as well as their further packaging in two layers with heat shrink (at the request of the customer).


Линия упаковки древесно-угольных брикетов в пленку

In the work, a polyvinyl chloride film 40 microns thick is used. All moving parts and assemblies are driven by a compressed air system, which exerts a pressure of 6 bar.

The mechanism requires a single-phase electrical network of 220 volts and 50 Hz., as well as a closed room with a temperature of 10 to + 35 degrees Celsius. At the same time, air humidity should be kept no more than 80%.

Technical description


упаковка в плёнку

The main elements of the floor structure are: stacking table (1), sealing machine (2) and heat chamber (3).

The coordinated activity of all moving units and parts is provided by the control unit (4).

The compressed air system drives the moving parts of the mechanism.

The stacking table is designed to form the packaging of the desired type and its subsequent receipt for sealing.

The soldering unit is designed for hermetically sealing the transverse and longitudinal faces of the package. The packaged product is transferred to a special heat-shrink chamber, where under the temperature, dense packaging is formed by heat-shrink.

Features of work

The mechanism can be controlled by two operators doing the same action.

Enable installation.

From 2 roll holders, it is necessary to stretch the PVC film between the shafts and solder it transversely.

Two layers of 20 cubes must be placed in the gutter and manually moved into the filling chamber.

In the process of picking, by clicking on the trailer, four layers will move further into the chamber.

When the compartment is completely filled, the filling is automatically blocked by the cubes of the chamber.

After that, the contents are moved to the feeding compartment, then to the transverse sealing zone, as well as for further pushing and longitudinal soldering.

Upon receipt of the following packages, the previous ones move mechanically onto the conveyor of the heat chamber.

The speed of such a device is controlled empirically depending on the film packaging material.

Technical data

Device drive


Film feed


Number of welding elements


Film type


Roll diameter (2 pcs.)

up to 300 mm.

Film thickness

40 microns.

Power consumption

220 V, 50 Hz.


up to 2000 W


up to 10 packages/min.


2500х1360х1500 mm.


up to 90 kg.

Maintenance staff 

2 persons.


Why do customers choose us?

  • No emissions during operation
  • Compactness and mobility of equipment
  • High performance (up to 60 tons of charcoal per month)
  • Full mechanization and automation of the operational process
  • The use of modern materials - reliable design
  • The number of screenings does not exceed 1%
  • Quality and guarantees - confirmed by
    19 years of experience on the market
  • Mobile equipment

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