Combined conveyor microwave installation "Hot Stream"

Combined conveyor microwave installation "Hot Stream" intended for: dehydration, roasting, disinfection and restoration of food and non-food products. The combination of the usage of microwave energy and infrared radiation provides energy efficient,uniform moisture removal and maintainance of the taste and useful qualities of the product


Combined microwave installation "Hot Stream" for operational support of processes:
• FRYING. The productivity of the installation is many times higher than with conventional frying.
• DRY. Drying is much more efficient, more even and less energy intensive than conventional drying of raw materials.
• DRY COOKING of food, "boiling" fruits and vegetables in "own juice", ensures high quality of the finished product, since many useful ingredients do not leave with water.
• RESTORATION. Recovery, ozonation of substandard products and elimination of pest contamination of products. Allows to give “substandard products” characteristics of fresh products.
• STERILIZATION. Disinfection of food and non-food products, extension of shelf life, elimination of harmful bacteria and organisms, destruction of even "E. coli" occurs, which is able to survive in space.
• Presowing seed treatment, which increases germination and germination rate by a few percents.
The main advantages of using microwave energy in combination with infrared radiation are:
• Uniform provision of thermal processes, uniform removal of moisture from
the entire product
• Destruction of harmful bacteria and unpleasant smells
• Preservation of vitamins and biologically active substances, macronutrients
• Natural pristine color, taste and aroma of products
• Obtaining high quality products, microbiologically pure
• Minimal production waste
• Energy efficient process ensures low energy consumption
• High productivity of equipment
• Long shelf life of the product up to 1 year without the us age of additional chemical treatment agents.
• Reducing production costs

Raw materials

• Seeds and sunflower kernel, pistachio, almond, peanut, etc.
• Fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, mushrooms.
• Cereals, dry mixes, animal feed, etc.
• Sand, clay, carbon, chemical and building materials

Technical description


Name of parameter Unit «Hot Stream-25» «Hot Stream-50» «Hot Stream-100»
1 Microwave power kW 24    
2 Installed power kW 50    
Raw material productivity, up to


up to 200 kg / hour



4 Moisture performance, up to l/h 25 50 100
5 Length of conveyor   10 15 25
6 Overall dimensions L * W * H        
7 Weight        


Additionally, the unit can be equipped with
• Carts for raw materials and finished products
• Devices for supplying moisture for ozonizing products
• Conveyors for the supply of raw materials and removal of finished products
• Installations for packing of finished products

Why do customers choose us?

  • No emissions during operation
  • Compactness and mobility of equipment
  • High performance (up to 60 tons of charcoal per month)
  • Full mechanization and automation of the operational process
  • The use of modern materials - reliable design
  • The number of screenings does not exceed 1%
  • Quality and guarantees - confirmed by
    18 years of experience on the market
  • Mobile equipment

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