Fires in Chernobyl

In early April 2020, large-scale forest fires began in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. All fires, the total area of ​​which was about 20 thousand hectares, were completely eliminated only by mid-May. The fire destroyed 12 villages and a significant proportion of forests.

This incident underlines not only the large-scale environmental consequences, but also the fact that Chernobyl was left without those important protective functions that the forest performed. For 35 years, forest plantations have absorbed radionuclides through the root system with soil moisture and accumulated them in roots, wood, branches, and needles. However, at present, the protective barrier function of the forest is significantly weakened.
What way out is possible to prevent further development of an ecologically unfavorable situation? GreenPower has developed a unique technology that will help reforestation. The burnt wood can be used as a raw material and made into biochar, an extremely effective organic fertilizer. Recycling takes place through a process called pyrolysis. This process is carried out through heating to high temperatures without the participation of oxygen. You can read about it in more detail in our other articles. The resulting biochar contains carbon in its composition, so it is easily absorbed by plant roots. This allows to grow a new forest on the site of the burnt one. Biochar will also improve the quality of the soil with nutrients and make it more drained than before the fire. In addition, the porosity of the biochar will allow moisture to stay in the soil longer. This will enable the plants to grow better and faster with lower water consumption.

The GreenPower company manufactures unique ovens for biochar production. Our planet needs our help!
If you have any questions about our equipment, we glad to help you.

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